Basic to Education

11 reasons why the arts are basic to education

  1. The arts enhance students creativity and increase creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  2. The arts use both hemispheres of the brain and develop cognitive, affective, and psycho-motor skills.
  3. The arts increase communication skills vitally needed in today’s complex society.
  4. The arts enhance basic literacy skills including cultural literacy and non-verbal stimuli.
  5. The arts enable students to acquire aesthetic judgement, a skill which enhances daily life and affective individual choices.
  6. The arts develop self-esteem and help students gain a more positive self-concept.
  7. The arts provide better cross-cultural understanding through knowledge of civilizations and cultures past and present.
  8. The arts improve the school atmosphere and can aid in improving student attendance and decreasing the dropout rate.
  9. The arts provide numerous career opportunities both in the commercial and entertainment industries.
  10. The arts improve student performance in other subject areas.
  11. The arts are a valuable teaching tool in working with students with physical or mental disabilities and those with limited English proficiencies.

Source: Arts for Everykid: A Handbook for Change, by Cory Ann Alperstein and Ronnie B. Weyl.