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McQuillen Studios advances artistic thinking and imaginative learning through art, education, and advocacy. We specialize in creating site-specific environmental installations and sculptures that raise awareness, build community, and envision possibilities. We offer teaching ideas and lessons that cultivate social imagination and foster personal creativity.

Artist Statement

The juxtaposition and melding of everyday items—political sound bites/rubber stamp patterns, family seafood recipes/storm drains, social science textbooks/birdhouses, school desks/balanced scales— imbue them with a new significance and meaning. The object’s historical, biological, and social associations play off each other creating multilayered sculptures and site-specific installations. Surprise, inventiveness, and paradox are integral in creating an image that lingers and nurtures reflection. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes poignant, these compelling visual metaphors can make the viewer see anew, draw attention to the overlooked, and foster discussion.

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