Sculptures & Carvings

For your consideration, thoughts from the studio.

“A great sculpture can roll down a hill without breaking.”
— Michelangelo

“Stone carving is easy – it’s the stone that’s hard.”
— Ongis Mutan

“Stone is ingrained with geological and historical memories.”
—   Andy Goldsworthy

“Painting is so poetic, while sculpture is more logical and scientific and makes you worry about gravity.”
— Damien Hirst

“Within every block of wood and stone, there dwells a spirit, waiting to be released. Direct carving is a way of freeing the spirit – my own and that of the stone or wood.”
— Hap Hagood

“Metal is somewhat forgiving, stone is not. With stone, my exploration is done through drawings and time, lots of time studying the rock. Even with that, the rock will often reveal its hidden self, exert its will, change my direction, sometimes in a surprising discovery. These are “ah ha” moments.”
— A. Wayne Hooker

“When you slow down enough to sculpt, you discover all kinds of things you never noticed before.”
— Karen Jobe

“To be a sculptor you need to be one part artist and nine parts navvy.”
— John Skeaping

“Sculpture like archaeology: You dig in and you find something.”
— George Baselitz

“Where did I learn to understand sculpture? In the woods by looking at the trees, along roads by observing the formation of clouds, in the studio by studying the model, everywhere except in the schools.”
— Auguste Rodin

“You have to let the viewers come away with their own conclusions. If you dictate what they should think, you’ve lost it.”
— Maya Lin

“Sculpture is what you bump into when you back up to see a painting.”
— Barnett Newman


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