Cultivate Social Imagination through the Arts

Art and lessons for teaching
art appreciation, visual literacy, and creativity across the curriculum

See Again for the First Time

ELA Connect lesson plans unpack landmark works of art, teach close reading skills, and build cross curricular connections (click images to link)

Medium a Month showcases explore how contemporary artists transform common materials into unique works of art

Forensic Fridays depict ripped-from-the-headlines crime scenes in the folk art tradition by the Medical Examiner who investigated them

Art-based inquiry units are an ideal curricular cornerstone for cultivating social imagination, wide-awakeness, and democratic values.

Our Guiding Principles
  • Art and Lessons Blog

    Explore art from everyday objects, crime scene paintings, and lessons for teaching visual literacy and cross-curricular concepts.

  • Art for Social Imagination

    Experience paintings, environmental installations, and sculptures that raise awareness, build community, and explore solutions.

  • Think Like an Artist

    Cultivate personal creativity and self-expression through classroom-friendly art activities that emphasize artistic thinking.

  • Expanding-Conversation Framework

    Build new and better meaning through conversation = individual art analysis + classroom discussions + artist interviews + historical reviews.

  • Art is Not Made in a Vacuum

    Find links to the artists, educators, and activists who have influenced my thinking and could influence yours.

  • Arts Advocacy

    Study research-based publications that offer background information and talking points to advance the arts integration flag.

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